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It All Starts With One Cup

The first time you visit GVA CAFE, you might be tempted to buy just a single cup of organic coffee. That’s fine. You might also try one of our pastries or even one of our tasty Cali burritos. But no matter what you order, we guarantee that you’ll keep coming back to our local café for more. Everything on our menu is made-to-order, so you can be sure that anything you get will always be served to you in its perfection.

What could be better than spending a couple of hours a day in a friendly and welcoming environment while being served with the most soul-satisfying food and stimulating coffee? Come visit us in Morgan Hill, California today and experience the difference.

About GVA & the woman behind it. 

The acronym GVA stands for grinds, vines, and automobilia. Grinds symbolizes our carefully selected organic fair trade coffee. Vines represents our collection of local wines and automobilia symbolizes a personal connection and relationship with my grandfather. Since a young age, I had a strong passion for cars and found joy in helping him with his car mechanics. As a kid, my way of helping was holding up a wrench or picking up nuts and bolts that fell. My grandfather made me feel like I was a pro and instilled a sense of pride and confidence. Starting GVA was more than starting a business; it was creating an environment in our community where people feel loved and accepted. For my staff members, it has been instilling that same sense of pride and confidence so they can continue on as leaders in the world. GVA started from some of my favorite things, but it isn't for me. It is for my community, for my employees, and an experience for everyone that visits GVA café. 

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